Friday, January 30, 2009

Mulching of the new patch

Preparing the new garden extension, where the old vegie patch was.

Delivery of loads of tambark...

And spreading. Easy? Not if it is around 30 degrees Celcius! In Melbourne, across the ditch, it has been 43 degrees three days in a row!
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Sheffield BBQ for K

That's right, K has done her bit. She is going back to regular shift work and will come home again after work! Working out at Sheffield meant 4 days and nights away from home!

As happy as I was to get her back, the volunteers were sad to see her go again. No doubt she will be back again one day!
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beefing up the walks

If I am seriously considering skiing in Greenland I need to do more exercise. K and I now walk more in Kelcey Tier, going up the hill twice for instance, walking figure eights etc. As you can see from the recorded track the GPS on the phone is not highly accurate. The forest is thick and the phone is in my pocket, what do I expect? Miracles? Well, yes...

The above walk clocked up as 8.6 kms over 1 hour and 7 minutes. An average speed of 7.7kms/hr. I think that is wrong. We would not walk much over 5km/hr. Vertical up and down ranged from 70m to 170 above sea level, and we hit the high and low spots twice on this walk - giving us a total vertical of at least 200m. which is a nice exercise.

Activity: Walking
Start time: 24.01.09 11:50
Duration: 1h 7min 38s
Distance: 8.64 km
Speed (average): 7.67km/h
Pace (average): 7min 49s per km
Pace (max): 3min 5s per km
Altitude (min): 63m
Altitude (max): 169.5m

Official Nokia link (very very slow) for this run is <here >
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Friday, January 23, 2009


I wonder if this man has any van Praag genes in him?

Josh Freed, author, filmmaker and star of 'My Messy Life,' works the phones and reads a newspaper in his organizationally-challenged office. I found this article on <>.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snakes in Season

This is a fuzzy camera picture not of a Tasmanian Tiger, but of a Tasmanian Tiger Snake. We spotted this one pretty much at the end of our usual Kelcey Tier walk, behind the houses there! This one was about 150cm I figured, but we also saw a smaller one up on the hill. Recently we have been sighting some little ones, but this one was a beauty. When I say 'we' it usually means K. sees them first.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Motorbikes and Oliebollen

Starting the year of with Oliebollen in Isaacs, Canberra was one thing, but little did I realise that at two consecutive Hash Runs in January I was to be fed more home-made Oliebollen! 

And not only that, a neighbour, who is currently away, has oliebollen she made waiting for us in the freezer! Never have I been so well endowed in the oliebollen department!

And as for excitement, for a Hash weekend away last week I borrowed Cindy's Honda Motorbike (NT 650). I rode with a couple of people to the town of Ross for the event and back the next day. The riding, camping, drinking and lack of sleep made my sore throat into a bit of a more serious cold. But riding a motorbike is so exciting, it is awesome! I was reminded know why so many men my age buy motorbikes. If you cant afford a Porsche, don't have a 12 inch penis, then a motorbike will make you go a long way too!
A week after borrowing Cindy's bike I borrowed another bike, a 1200cc Suzuki Bandit. Wow! Like a bat out of hell. It was a little bit like how I expect heaven to be. Awesome cruising here in Tasmania. The roads are perfect as they do not get frost or heat damaged.  

In the end I swapped the bike back for our car :(

Hash photos are <here> and <here>.

Monday, January 05, 2009

New Years Eve 2008 in Canberra

For New Year's Eve I went to Canberra to be with family. We ended up celebrating with Mini and Milton at their house in Isaacs, not far from oma.

Views of Canberra as we heralded 2009.

Started the new year walking with oma and Kimba in the Red Hill nature reserve.

All the photos can be seen <here>.
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