Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life be in it!

Riding to work I ride along this path where recently these playgrounds were put in.... Then one day I spoke to Katherine who told me she went to have a go at the gym equipment along the path!

Sure enough, having watched them being built I never realised these were exercise stations!

Then Lauren tells me even she knew and that they have them in Hobart too. I must say I pay awfully little attention to detail...

Life be in it....
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Living next door to Misty and Dusty

Lauren likes our neighbours!
From Neighbours at Turners Beach
Me too!

Trucks and more trucks

Transtrain was at the TruckShow in Deloraine today, so Lauren and I decided to hop on the motor-bike and go have a look! despite the forecast for rain and thunder it was a lovely day. We did get stuck in the Mole Creek Hotel waiting for the RACT when I used my membership to help a locked-out-of-his-car mate of a mate-of-mine! We go past Mole Creek Hotel for the best home-made pies incidentally.

RACT to the rescue!

It took the RACT a while to come, so we got friendly with the owners of the hotel, always a bonus!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Bikepath between Turners Beach and Ulverstone

Lauren and I are glad there is a brand new bikepath joining Turners Beach and Ulverstone so we can shop at Woollies on the bicycle. We happily carry home $100+ in groceries on the two bicycles.

Lauren also rides to and from Devonport, and it turns out it is only 45 minutes and really not too bad at all. Weather is perfect here as per usual on the Remote NW Coast of Tasmania!
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Friday, January 01, 2010

Free Swine Flu Vaccinations

Amazing. Was in Hobart for my last visit with Doctor Reid (no, I am not cured, the Doc is moving to Brisbane), and whilst in Hobart just walked past this tent. Good timing, been meaning to get it for a long time.
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