Saturday, August 22, 2009

Smith's Residence

Tennis buddy Millan getting ready for work. Sister Maddy is shy.
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Port Sorell breaky

I took Jo on the motorbike to Port Sorell this morning. Managed to walk during the downpour... Dried out on the way back.
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Jo in town for Spring

Jo came to Devonport for a few days to check jobs and realestate.

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz....

I wonders where the birdies is.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

CF Clinic

I drove to Launy last friday for the CF clinic. Last time I was scheduled to go (in Burnie) it got cancelled as I had (swine) flu symptoms and was referred to a swine-flu clinic instead. This time I had a sore throat and had a blocked nose as well, but no flu.

After driving for an hour and getting lost both outside and inside the hospital I finally arrived 40 minutes late at the right desk. Having had a good whiff of all the other sick people I felt like whimping out already, but decided to present myself to the reception since I had come all this way. Fortunately I was whisked away promptly and was put in front of Denise the councellor. She asked about Katherine... I tear up, adding to my disheffeled look. Doctor Reid walks in next, sees a coughing, sniffling, watery eyed mess resembling Walter. He calls off the clinic for me, sends in the man in the gown to swab me, prescribes me more antibiotics (in addition to the ones I am on already), puts me on the Tamaflu medicine again and I am left in the little room. someone is sent out to the hospital pharmacy to get my newly prescribed drugs. After an hour I wanted to leave, but got stopped by James. Maybe I had been forgoton, but in any case I got my meds prompto and ran to my car to race back to Devonport in time for tennis. The car had a parking fine...

And then as I drive along the highway I noticed another piece of paper under the wiperblade, wildly flapping in the wind. I stop and read the message to say someone scratched my car in the parking lot... I cough.

The scratch was not too bad, certainly not too bad for a first scratch after so many years. I call the lady to tell her to donate to CF instead and call CF TAS to tell Mark. Mark offers to look after my parking fine, write a letter etc. The lady emails me back says she made a donation and wants to pay for my parking fine. It was her first online transaction, and she promises to donate to CF again! Perfect.
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I easily get annoyed these days. Watching this car wash employee spraying the mud off for 20 minutes was unbearable. Maybe it was the fag hanging out of his face for the first 6 minutes and watching the but go in the drain peed me off most. Who knows what it is, but watching someone pour gallons and gallons of water down the drain and pushing my reformed smoker buttons at the same time tested my anger-management skills. The guy waiting in front of me was so mesmerised by the act that he didnt even see a car leaving a stall - I had to knock on his window and ask if he needed a written invitation to go in and wash his car.

After washing my car I did call into the officeand asked if the man in the yellow pants was an uncle or cousin or something as surely he wouldn't be a paid employee! And so I battle on...
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Saturday, August 08, 2009


Hello Lulu. This is Cindy's grandchild! That's right, I am living with a granny!! Pictured above with one of the ponies that lives on her property. And pictured below walking in the Don forest.

And Lennie the friendly neighbourhood dog came with us to protect us.

And so we spend the weekend when we get dragged away from our digital universe...
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