Sunday, March 22, 2009


Well, I got home from Maui and had a quick look at my online Amex statement. Got a shock (we got the worst ever exchange rates of the Century). We were about to get in the car to pick up Afullah from Kitty-Kamp when the phone rang. It was Michelle, from TransTrain, also someone I know via the Lions Club, asking me if I could do some work for them...

The next day I started working 20 odd weekly hours on a casual basis. I now look after the IT in the office and help out with computer based admin tasks and other computer related areas such as Photoshop tasks, website maintenance, printers, phones, internet,...

TransTrain is run from a converted home in Devonport, occupying the top floor, with the bottom floor occupied by AusTours where several of my friends happen to work. I look after the IT needs for both busineses and run up and down frequently!

Of course I cycle to work (under 15 minutes mostly downhill) and take a scenic detour home (45 minutes with some nice hills) to keep my lungs going. I have enough time to still walk with K. a few times a week, and can take off time to go for hikes etc. Starting at 10am I can get all my nebulising out of the way in the morning without being rushed too. Ideal. I hope it all lasts! 

The people I work with are all friendly too, which is a bonus.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where am I?

A new day a new gadget... Well, almost. I now have the iPhone instead of my Nokia N95. Not quite as good, but very sexy. One 'app' I am playing with is Firepin, it should tell you where I am...

The flame indicates where I last had it turned on, right at my home. Obviously the tracks are where I had it turned on whilst in my pocket... This could be a good application for when you travel around and want people to know where you are.

When I turn it on (outside) it should show where I am! There is another Google App, Latitude, which is not available for the iPhone yet, which I will try as soon as it comes out!

Saturday, March 07, 2009


Doesnt Woollies give a reward for locating trolleys?

Looks like someone took this one out of the sea!
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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Not starving

As you can see Jim paid for most of our laviih meals in Hawaii. Now that we are home I went and got a job straight away and Katherine is back in the kitchen - and back at work too!
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