Sunday, July 27, 2008

Water Reservoir

Just near our house, at Kelcey Tier where we regularly walk up the hill, we have this canvas covered reservoir. It is fenced off securely, and I have never seen anyone there. I cannot imagine we cover our water reservoir with canvas... Any explanations? Someone? Anyone? Help me out here.
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Friday, July 25, 2008

End of the trip comes all too quick

Well, done my dash, organised a lot of stuff, saw Lucas and worked on the documentary, walked up the ridge and went for a run, and it is back to Devonport for me! See the other blog:

Mum and I walked for miles and miles around Isaacs, enjoying the views of snow topped mountains in the distance and got home just in time to rush to the airport.

As the plane bolted down the runway we saw all these kangaroos behind the fence. Hard to see in the pic, but was pretty cool. I can understand they need to cull them occasionally.

Goodbye cold weather, hello sunny Devonport (8 degrees C. when I landed at 830pm).

A decorated tree in Isaacs...

I also found a Reece's Peanutbutter cup wrapper on top of the ridge, which I found worrying as we just brought back a whole bunch from the USA recently!
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Farewell Olivia

Trust me to visit Canberra just when Frank and Jackie are hosting a fare-well party for the twin's friend Olivia who is moving back to mother England with her mum (to work for The Ministry!). Good luck to them, you will be missed, but we'll be alright!

Everybody brought a dish!

Left overs for Kimba....
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hellenic Club with the Frances

Visit to Canberra is never complete without a dinner at the Hellenic Club!

Sandy and Isobel...

Gary and Frank hacking into it too. Hang on, who's phalanges are that in the food? Jackie!
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Isaacs Ridge

Love the Isaacs Ridge walk when I visit Canberra! Was another lovely crisp morning!

Views of Mount Taylor ...
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And we're back!

Afullah has been to Fat Kitty Kamp for 6 weeks while we were out and about on a family trip to the USA! See the WandKsport blog for photos. Afullah has lost 18 grams in weight and seemed to be well looked after. We are all pleased to be back home and are working hard on the Coughing the Distance project. Katherine is back at work to get our bank ballance healthy again...
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