Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back in one piece

Phew, completed a tune-up in hospital. Scary stuff. Remind me not to go in again too soon. I am exhausted. Sleeping in hospitals seems to be a low priority. My last night I got my usual 2am dose of antibiotics, but woke up with an uncomfortable feeling hand at 230am.

The cannula stuffed up and the antibiotics went into my hand! It took a few hours to get a doctor in and the verdict was that it would go down in a matter of weeks and I do not need to worry about it. Since it was my last night he did not worry about putting another cannula in, and I could go back to sleep. Sweet dreams with that hand!!!

Anyway, I got discharged in the morning, drove home to Devonport, and now that I am updating this blog I am glad to report my hand is almost completely normal again. I am home with a sh1tl0ad of medicine, needles other stuff to cover me for the next two weeks. Then I need more procedures and tests and then get issued with another 2 weeks worth of stuff. Maybe after that I can return to normal except better then ever - we hope.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gourmet care parcels

Katherine got the ambulance service to deliver me a bag of clean clothing and goodies including home-brew and nice Tasmanian cheeses. Sitting there with my favourite stout, olives, cheese, wasabi peas and crackers I felt very privileged. After I bribed my doctor with one brewski he immediately put a couple of beers on my official drug list. Life is good.

A few tests have shown I might be out of here by next monday, but other dark horizons are on the horizon. I hope they go away.

PS Nurses still have not succumbed to my demands of spongebaths.
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Tune-up in Hobart

The Adult Cf clinic has cinvinced me to come in for a two-week tune-up in hospital. Involvves lots of antibiotic treatment. I came to Hobart with Katherine and stayed in a nice hotel. The second night K. had the room to herself and I got admitted. Not all going according to plan, as I was intending to walk everyday, but right now I am tethered to a machine. Not meant to be fun.
If I sit with my laptop on the window sill and connect to an unsecured random network I can occasionally get internet access. Thank goodness.
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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well on the way to recovery again, but I got pretty sick there for a while. It all starts with a call from the doctor to say I 'cultured' a bad bug in my sputum sample and I should go on stronger antibiotics. I knew I had been very 'productive' in that department but that has been so for a year or more now - which has kept me on antibiotics ever since before I even went on the big ride in Europe.

So I change antibiotics to the reccomended ones, the ones that are tested in the lab as being the most effective. inhaled Tobramycin and Ciprofloxacin. I stopped taking my regular broad spectrum antibiotic and started on them. Within days I was really sick. To me these antibiotics obviously do not seem to work as well as the regular stuff I take. I could hardly breathe until after a week I called up and asked if I could take my regular antibiotics as well. So I started on them and now I feel much better again.... Lesson to be learned?

Next week I am going into hospital to get a real big dose of IV antibiotics to clear up my lungs. I have avoided this for 7 years or so since the last time I went in for such 'tune-up'. I am going on the provision I can leave everyday for a walk. Bummer it is in Hobart CBD and the car will be parked 20 minutes walk up the road with friends. I really do not like going into hospitals...

Friday, September 05, 2008

Not much happening...

BBP is guarding the house, I am busy doing stuff and Katherine is doing long hours at the Sheffield station... Go look at the wandksport blog to see some more fun stuff. More to come there still.