Sunday, October 29, 2006

Go Georgia

Here is Georgia Munnings strutting her stuff. Helping her out in this daring manouevre is Will. Wolfstock the musical, as performed by Georgia's school is a little outrageous, musically exciting and it's lots of fun. It is certainly different.… Posted by Picasa

Toilet Training for Afullah

Step 1 was for Afullah to use the new litter 'tray' from Litter Kwitter, and then to use it in the new location... It took a couple of days.

Afullah is onto step two now for potty training. The magic tray which replaced her litter, is now sitting on top of the toilet! It makes toileting hard for us as we only have one loo! We almost put the old kitty litter box in our bedroom for us! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Third Generation Professor van Praag!

Yes, my grandfather was Prof. Spanish at Amsterdam, his son, my uncle, is Prof. in Economics/Econometrics, and now his daughter, my cousin Mirjam, recently became Professor at the University of Amsterdam in Entrepreneurship and Organizations! I was there with mum to celebrate it. Click on the photo below to see the photo album.

I promised Mirjam that if she ever needed a hand, ever gets stuck on some theoretical or practical issues, just call me!