Thursday, April 24, 2008

Life in April

Look, the beans are gone and now the flowers are coming from the neighbour's yard!

We sold our Subaru Liberty :(
Instead we bought a little runaround Hyundai. We needed the cash for the Coughing the Distance project which we are pretty much self-financing.

If you feel generous we can always use any kind of sponsorship, just follow the links:
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Friday, April 18, 2008

Isaacs 2008

Freaky weekend in Canberra. Working on the doco with Lucas and freaking out about nothing. My brainspace is out of wack I think this month, and am having trouble doing simple tasks! Like I spend 20 minutes with the remote controls (all 221 of them) trying to get the special features to play from a DVD... What is wrong with me?

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Thursday, April 03, 2008


Unloading the seaweed...
We saw people doing this a few months ago. Apparently it is very nutrient rich: <read more here>

Katherine does the hard work.... what else is new...
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Collecting Seaweed for the garden mulch

Perfect for Katherine's new garden bed. We took out the trailer and headed for the beach. Beach is always perfect. Today the temperature was a windy 13 degrees C. but we sure felt cool.

Feeling horrible thanks to the flu-vaccine they jabbed into my arm yesterday we only filled one little trailer load. The bulk of the work will be dragging it through the yard!

The beach...
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Windy Weather hits Devonport

It was a stormy night <read all about it here>. Electricity dropped out and we were forced to make the trip to MacDonalds! Apparently electrickery problems were widespread, ranging from Victoria to Tasmania according to the message we got from the Tellingbone.

Wind paterns in the sand were pretty cool the next morning!

Plenty of seaweed washed up too.
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