Sunday, March 28, 2010

Breath of Life Concert 2010

A pretty cool event,!
Lauren and I went along for this concert. From 10am till 10pm it is a bit hard to remain entertained, but we just chose the big names.

This meant we started our day with Deni Hines. After that a few beers at Molly's as the event was alcohol (and smoke) free! After a few Guinnesses we were brave enough to face Troy Cassar-Daley and Kasey Chambers. Time out at the car for a couple of homebrews before my favourite; Diesel! This called for a celebratory drink in the car, we had a special bottle of Seven Shed Kentish Ale, cold in the esky.

And the final act was Jimmy Barnes & Band. Huge!

So lucky to have them come to us! And really, an alcohol free event when you can park the car within a hundred meters or so, and even drive off to the pub for a break, is unheard of in most of the civilised world.
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Friday, March 05, 2010

Furlined State Capital

Today I rode home from Woolworths with $115 worths of groceries (41 items). Not a bad effort I reckon. Real problem when you can't resist offfers like 3 for $6 when it comes to 2 liter juices and soymilk,...

On the 8km+ ride home I always laugh at the Turbo Chooks (native hens) which can run at 50 km/hr, stop to pat the bulls in the paddock, see the odd rabbit, geese, noisy plovers, horses, plenty of smaller birds and always some dead possums.... I guess the fact that we have so many animals in the state means lots get hit on the road and hence the title for Tasmania; 'The Fur Lined State'.
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