Thursday, December 27, 2007

Car Confusion

Sneak Preview

Today was the first day we woke up with a new(ish) car! Drove to the movies to see Nicole Kidman in her evil role in Magic Compass. Walked out and Katherine got a lift with Gill, kids got picked up and I went to drive the new car home to mum's.

In the big car garage I could see the silver Subaru with roof racks. I thought to myself how nice to have an easily recognisable car! As I got closer I realised it was an Outback, not a Liberty. Oops. I look behind me and there is our new car, I recognise the RX 2.5 Symmetrical AWD signage, the silver colour, the roof rack, the tow bar... I click my new remote locking key and get in the car.

Stick the key in the ignition after putting my bag on the seat next to me. Key would not turn in ignition. I recall seeing something on the front seat that wasn't mine. In fact, I now see there are a few things that aren't mine in this car. I look at the steering wheel, it has the odd MOMO name on it, like ours... I realised I was in a wrong car and quickly jumped out. It was identical, and it was 3 cars up from where I parked mine! I tried my key to lock the wrong car, but it didn't. I suppose it happened to be open. What are the chances of that happening! I took a picture of that car to show K. at home.

K. was not in the least surprised, and my mother said the same thing happened to her a few weeks ago, jumped in the wrong Falcon in a car park. Looked identical and was open! I rarely ever confuse my car, and if I did I'd expect it to be locked like mine... Anyway,...

Drove out the car park and after a short queue I came to the machine which was buzzing loudly. I stuck my card in, the machine wanted $2. I was about to get the money when an attendant came walking up to the screaming machine and told me I did not need to pay... I drove off. Strange things happen to me. Magic from the movie might have rubbed off onto me. Enchanted or bewitched?

Monday, December 24, 2007

Kitty Kamp around the Korner

Last morning for Afullah. Catching a few morning rays, and off to Kitty Kamp for Krissy.
Gosh this is nice....
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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fun in Rose Court

Early Christmas Pressie from Pete and Pip! Peter makes this himself, he is a clever man! I alsways needed a hand in the toilet. PS Those toilet tiles look disgusting here! They are in fact clean, they just have brown edges and look fine in real life don't worry!

Mowing lawns is a regular event. Today our neighbour Pete, not the same Pete as the clever man above, was also doing his lawn. Small world isn't it. For some reason the paper say we had a deluge in the past few days. Not that we noticed terribly much as we sleep through those events if they occur at night, but the lawn does grow quick!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Katherine Unscrewed

Day procedure!

She disappeared for a couple of hours and came out... well, not smiling yet, but an hour or so later:

And I took her home as soon as we got that smile on her face!

In the day-surgery alone we only met about half a dozen people we knew, Bluey, Hans, Claudia, a lady who recognised K. from the ambulance...
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Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's Don again

Nice day for a BBQ at Ivors...

Followed by a walk into the Don to watch the train...

Don River Railway with Ivor

Every once in a while Ivor calls me up to see if I want to come for a walk with Sam and Matthew. Like when offered water, I never refuse. It is always fun to see the train behind our house. Today it was a special train, one we had not seen before, from the Mount Lyell Railway Company that mined out of Strahan and Queenstown on the West Coast of Tasmania - 3 hours drive from here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Devonport Brass Band

The Devonport Brass Band went through the streets spreading Christmas Cheer. I followed them for a bit to take a photo for the photo challenge ('faces in the street'). Surprising few people come out to listen! They were really good.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Just about there...

Borrowed Pete's wheelbarrow, and Bob's your uncle.

Bit of sweat, put down the top soil, a weedmat, gravel on top and dig in some native grasses.

Afullah still fits under the gate - thanks to my weight loss regimental diet...

The raised vegie patch has a bit much manure/soil in it, but it will settle over time...

Katherine will be home next week!
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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Picnic Table!

Topping off the Backyard Blitz is a new picnic table!! A one piece wooden picnic table as found in the park. I was sooo close to unbolting one myself from The Bluff BBQ area, but in the end found someone who made me one thanks to a tip-off from our good neighbours! I believe this is exactly what K. wanted - except she would've wanted it a shade darker (we'll fix that later).
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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

All in a days work...

Amazing how it all happened really. I had tried a bunch of different workmen, but eventually got Ian from friend Cindy. Ian worked out, told me he would come, I just had to get the stuff he needed. Not exactly sure of what we needed/wanted I went shopping and got stuff delivered immediately. Ian showed up with a gate and a mate, got a welder in for the gate hinges, the garden people showed up with soil and manure and stuff... I ran out and got some weedkiller and weed mats... and it all got done ion a day!

Tomorrow I will need to borrow a wheelbarrow and shuffle some dirt around, plant some native grasses and spread some gravel. In the mean time Katherine is blissfully unaware of what is happening, she is in the USA with her family for the week!

Progress Report

Digging the trenches for the vegie patch...

Hanging the gate..

Tipping in some good smelly manure mix...

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Time is ticking away...

Starting the hard yakka

This is the beginning...

Oh shit, now he's got the camera out! That vegy patch might have to wait a minute!

Gate has arrived, a welder has done some preparation for hinges...

Grass removed, hardwood sleeper in place, some weed matting... Soil will be delivered soon. Notice the foundation showing.
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Before pictures of backyard

Gate going in here – metal farm gate! Might need to do something with that later… The wall is where the retainer wall will go. I am putting in some native grasses and some gravel to hold it in place. You think that will stop the house from moving?
Raised vegie patch here will sort out this lower garden mess

Note gap in fence, where gate will be. And the bit of wall of the house that you can see is where the retainer wall is going to be (just 30cm high) as the soil is slowly running off and exposing the foundations there.

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Changes on the home front!

Katherine went to the USA to help her brother drink beer and keep her mum comfortable while her dad went for a major service to the hospital. While she is away I can do stuff around the house... Well, I hate housework.... so it is into the garden!

Watch this space!