Friday, September 25, 2009

Heart Foundation

Doorknocking for the Heart Foundation today after my colonoscopy! If only people knew where I was that morning they may not have answered their doors. As it was I collected $150 and had the sun shine upon me while I did it. Amazing how you get a whole month to do it in and you barely get around to doing it! This house was the oddest visit. An old russian couple took a few minutes of explaining what I wanted and then explained they were pensioners and couldn't make a donation. Maybe she knew what crawled up my bum that morning. They were cute!
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Monday, September 21, 2009


Hello, this is the new me. I got new glasses in the mail. OK, so they aren't the best and most fashionable, but darn it they work! My last pair of reading glasses I drove over in my car. Mate Prickle put them back together and the optometrist gave them a final touch, and they are OK. So in any case I thought I'd check out the online glasses. Found Stingyspecs on the Internet and ordered an extra pair of distance (pictured below) and a pair of reading glasses (pictured above)! Total bill including postage was $125 and they arrived within a week! Amazing.

I know I know, the reading glasses look like shit, but hey, I misplace glasses so often and to have a pair of $60 specs in the car or at work or wherever I randomly leave them is great!
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Living at Cindy's

Still living at Cindy's in Turners Beach! Working on alternatives, but looks like I might be here till into the new year. My bicycle is parked at fellow Hasher Mullet's place in Don where I drive to every weekday and from there cycle into Devonport via my favourite Don track. \

Cindy is a whirlwind of random activity, she juggles a million and one things in the few weeks she is at home before going off-shore for another few weeks. She is mulching in the backyard as we speak and never even noticed me sneaking up to take this photo! Cindy the Million Dollar woman.
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