Wednesday, July 26, 2006


We luvvum these birds that cheer up our country! Long live the Kookaburra!
More info here: <NSW National Parks website>
This is what they sound like: Posted by Picasa

Pets at Rose Court

Pretty cat... Afullah just doesn't like the cute look.

Here, this is better the ferocious look.

And Katherine? She is glad not to have that screw in anymore! I am waiting for the updated X-ray. Here is the old screw she used to have. Look at my poor wife, she's not looking happy.
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Ambo station on Foreshore

This is where Katherine works, the Ambulance/Fire station of Devonport.

The Mersey River in front is generally very quiet, just a few regular boats go up and down on rare occasions. Here is the Searoad Tamar passing the Spirit of Tasmania...

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Thanks Andrew!

Andrew Naunton, your Captain for today... Posted by Picasa

Your Second Officer

Second Officer Walter.... promising not to take control of the aircraft, and promising not to take box-cutters on board. Posted by Picasa

Faithful Students

The surviving Students, after three fortnightly sessions at Adult Education these brave women are the winners! Posted by Picasa

Andrew's Tweety Bird

Pre-flight check.... Posted by Picasa

Devonport from the Air

Our Devonport! Posted by Picasa

The Deck Cafe

The Devonport Yacht Club and the Deck Cafe, our favourite restaurant on the main drag on the right hand side. Posted by Picasa

Devonport Airport

Yes guys, this is it... our airport. Think twice before landing here! Nay, it is OK, really it is. Even though it looks like a bus-stop and the average Greyhound Station in the USA is bigger than this... Posted by Picasa

Spirit of Tasmania

Can you imagine The Spirit 'chucking a Uee' here? Well, it does! The brown facade that says RIVERS shows where Rooke Street Mall is, our main shopping street. The yellow shed is our cinema, the C-Max, with The Golden Arches next to it. Posted by Picasa

Rouse Court from the Air

Andrew Naunton took me for a spin in his plane, so we flew above our house! Spot the black roof and the Pintara with the kayaks on top (right bottom). Posted by Picasa